Boise Contemporary Reading Series

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Monday June 27

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7:00 PM  –  8:30 PM

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June 27 Reading: 

The Sound Inside by Adam Rapp, featuring actors Hollis Welsh and Jovani Zambrano

When Bella Baird, an isolated creative writing professor at Yale, begins to mentor a brilliant but enigmatic student named Christopher, the two form an unexpectedly intense bond. As their lives and the stories they tell about themselves become intertwined in unpredictable ways, Bella makes a surprising request of Christopher that neither knows if he can fulfill. Brimming with suspense, Rapp’s riveting play explores the limits of what one person can ask of another.


Critical Reviews

“A gripping mystery. An astonishing new play." - The New York Times


"Adam Rapp's new play is a stunning character study of someone you’d like to know." – Variety


"A gorgeous piece of theatre." – New York Daily News


"90 uninterrupted minutes of’s about writers: the kind of people who in weaving stories are often in danger of unraveling themselves." – The New York Times


"An intensely quiet play of two lonely people circling one another, each as wary of the other and both seeming to reach out more as instinct than plan." – Deadline